My trip to the Denver Botanic Gardens.

In September I went to the Denver Botanic Gardens. We saw lots of exotic plants, and many colorful flowers.  One of the coolest things I saw were some 250 year old bonsai trees. The bonsai trees looked like the were just saplings due to there size. When I read that they were 150 years old, I almost could not believe it. After the bonsai trees, we walked around a bit more. When we got to the cactus and succulent garden I was shocked. I didn’t expect it to be so dry. (Even for Colorado). Some of the cacti were really wierd. One cactus even looked like it had hair. When we were done, Japhy, Bennett, and I split form the rest of the class. We went of and got totally lost. Once we were lost we did some Psycho-geography. Psycho-geogaphy is where you wander around somewhere and when you get to a split trail, you flip a coin to see which way to go. We didn’t have a coin, so we used the top of an acorn instead. We ended up going places we didn’t know existed, And places we had already been. When we first got there we went to the rainforest place. This garden was all inside a giant greenhouse. One of my favorite things there was the Heliconia stricta. (Commonly known as the Firebird). I also saw some fuzzy purple plants that looked like they came from a Dr. Suess book. I took a small staircase to a small platform. From the platform I saw many things. I even saw some leaves the size of a canoe! Once we finished looking around, Ms. Sue told us to find a flower or plant to sketch. I sketched this flower.

I don’t know the name of the flower that I sketched, but I thought that it was cool so I sketched it.


Remembering Steve Jobs.

We remember when he was still alive.

Born in the year 1955.

As I type on my macbook air,

I remember when he was still there.

His brilliance led our world to success.

Will Apple now become a mess?

They need him, yes they really do.

Will apple be able to pull it through?

I sit here wondering just why.

Why did Steve Jobs have to die?

Star/solar party

Last Saturday, lsv went to a solar party and a star party!  There were alot of really cool Telescopes there. We got to look at the sun safely through telescopes. (Trying this at home with a normal telescopes is a really bad idea). We saw sun spots and prominences! At the star party we saw lots of cool constellations! We also saw Jupiter and 3 of its moons! We also saw the Andromida galaxy! My favorite part was getting to look at all the cool telescopes. Some telescopes there were as big as me! There was one guy there who could control a telescope with his i pad! The sky was very clear and perfect for star gazing. The moon looked huge through the telescope. I had a great time and I learned alot! Here are some photos I found.


 Jupiter and four of its moons


This is the Andromida galaxy

  The sun

 The big dipper

 A random telescope